Sunday, 22 September 2013

Weekly catch up (confused and flat)

As the title say - confused and flat.  In the last 6 days my mood has plummeted, back to how it was at the start of the year.  I was supposed to be racing at Dorney Lake this morning, but my times were so slow earlier in the week that I just couldn't face it.  It also seemed like just too much effort to go over there and hang around waiting for the race to start and then to try and push it hard.  In the end, I waited for my friend Claire to wake up, and then we went over to the lake for (probably) her last swim of the season, and a bit of a pootle for me without a wetsuit.  About 15C but I didn't get the shakes, wearing a neoprene hat definitely helped keep me cosy (even if that's not within the definition of non wetsuit swimming).  I then headed off to the pool to do a 3k set.

Whilst I had anticipated feeling a bit down, and also physically tired, I didn't expect it to be this bad, or to last this long.  It's also difficult to determine what is my illness and what is related to the race.  I sought advice as ever from friends on facebook, and there were some interesting thoughts.  Jothelibrarian wondered if the fact that I wrote the list of things I wanted to do after the half ironman whilst I was still in training explained why I didn't really fancy any of the things on it for now.  And Mandy said that it was "post ironman fallout" and that a mental break was as essential as a physical break.  Not sure I'm any closer to solving the issue but I shall plod on.  I STILL have a lingering sore throat that comes back most afternoons/evenings which I'm sure isn't helping.

Anyway, onto the training, I've managed to swim 19k this week (partly due to being on leave on Monday and Tuesday), which isn't too shabby and probably the biggest swimming week I've managed for a while, obviously hoping to beat that this week coming!  Although my times were realy bad on Thursday, today they had picked up somewhat - still a way from where they should be but not quite so appalling.

(Monday - 3k, Tuesday - 3k, Wednesday - 2.5k, Thursday - 4k, Friday - 2k, Sunday - 1k, 3k)

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