Sunday, 9 December 2012


As is becoming traditional, on Sunday's I join in with Carrie from Fitness and Frozen Grapes to plan my workouts for the week.  This week is a definite "pinch point" in the month, because as well as work, I have other things to fit in (Dr's appointment, a cake for a children's centre party, hair cut, and date night with Mr Tuna, and then our nieces staying for next weekend), but I'll do my best on the workout plan for this week is:

Monday - am: swim 45 minutes (2 x (3 x 300 with middle 300 pull), pm: Dr's appointment, cake making, 5k run.
Tuesday - am: swim 45 minutes (broken 1.5k if pool fairly empty?), pm: working late
Wednesday - am: swim 45 minutes (breathing pattern 1500m set), pm: hair cut
Thursday - am: swim 45 minutes [no morning off, so shorter swim than usual]; pm: out with Mr Tuna
Friday - [day off work!] - run 7k; swim 45 minutes.
Saturday - rest day or up early to swim 1 hour...
Sunday - run 5k, swim 45 minutes.

As for last week, I mentioned that there had been some seasonal disruption.  In the end, I was only down 1 run, and swam a total of 15k, with a 4 hour/45 mile bike ride today.  It was pretty windy but I managed to keep up with the tri club ride most of the time, thanks to a very kind lady who helped me out a lot, getting me back on the pack and giving advice and encouragement.  I very nearly bonked and after 2 minutes of pedalling at 8mph, I grabbed some sweets and was instantly back to 14mph.  That's probably the last long ride for this year to be honest, next weekend is busy and then we're away. 

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  1. Yaya for WIDDIU! (Need to design that blog badge soon!) Congrats on the four-hour ride! As I spend more time on my indoor bike trainer, my respect and admiration for half- and full-IM triathlete grows even more. I get bored after 90 minutes, so those who can stay mentally engaged for more than twice as long are truly awesome.