Sunday, 30 December 2012

Brushing the last two weeks under the carpet and moving onwards!

Let's brush over the last 2 weeks.  Clinical depression, side effects of starting drugs to treat it (cue much, much nausea and a 1kg weight loss), and a ski-trip that I probably wasn't really well enough to go on (big thanks to Mr Tuna for looking after  me and taking me out skiing when I really wasn't feeling very confident).  And away from home Christmas home-sickness.

Anyway, we got back last night, the drugs are starting to help, as did the break from home (I read 18 books in the 8 days we were away), and it's time to start to get back into the routine and try to do the things that I know will help me.

So, 12 hours after arriving home, I was en route to the swimming pool.  I didn't have very high hopes for the session, which is good as they were well founded, but I was amazed by how much I enjoyed being back in the pool.  It just feels so good!  The skiing seems to have done my legs good as I was kicking well, arms less so, and not done much cardio for a bit so that will take a little while to build back up again.

Mr Tuna is back at work tomorrow, so I hope for a swim and gym session to pass the time, before we cycle over to Stowe on NYD (40 mile round trip, weather dependent), and then back to work on Wednesday.

Tomorrow, I have an end of year round up and I've got more exciting things to post in the coming days and weeks!

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  1. Wow, 18 books in eight days is impressive! No wonder you're a librarian. :) This past week has been less than ideal in terms of workouts; I've completed my runs, but the hours at my local pool are so sporadic that I've been swimming only once (and the pool is closed today, tomorrow, and Tuesday--boo). After the new year, it will be much easier to workout on a regular basis when things return to normal.